The Daughter and Her Land

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A Father gave his baby daughter the most beautiful piece of land as her inheritance. He made sure everything was perfect and he even paid an abundant price for it.


In the center of it all, there was a pond of water from where the life stream of the field would flow. The father told the daughter he would ensure the field was always clean and the pond will never run out of water because out of his love and wealth, there would always be abundance. The father also told the daughter that one day she would marry her soul mate, a man who He would hand pick, according to the desires of her heart. This man would be the only person who would know exactly how to treat the precious land; a farmer approved by the father and who would know her and start a new covenant. This man would be the one with the love that could plant the special seed that would create the fruit containing life.


The daughter started to grow and forgot what the father had told her. She started to meet random farmers who would promise her the best pesticides and fertilizers. She fell for cheap offers and started to believe their tricks.


None of them was willing to sign a Good Faith contract or commit to a covenant. The first farmer forced a seed that was known to dry up the land. He flew the city once he saw the land was reflecting dehydration. Another farmer promised he had the fertilizer to hydrate the land, but instead he burnt the grass on the field. He ran away first thing in the morning with all the money. The daughter at this point started to feel betrayed, untrustworthy and desperate. She then met another farmer who said he had the antidote for all the previous disasters; she believed him, but once again the land was covered in harmful chemicals. She now was feeling hate, un-forgiveness, anger and desires to even go after revenge. She then noticed her pond was now completely covered in a dark substance, which was spreading all over the land, and everything started to die. 


She cried out to her Father: "My heart aches! I don't have any strength left"

He heard his daughter's cry and came in to rescue her. He said to her: "I will give you a new pond (New Heart) and cleanse all the land; my beloved daughter remember you are precious to me"

While holding her in his arms, he reminded her that she had workers (angels) all over the land who were always working on her behalf and that she didnt need to look for any farmers because out of his profound love, he had all she needed for her land to be satisfied.


The daughter then knew she was once lost but now she was found; she was blind but now she could see. She instantly was free from desperation and anxiety and felt complete peace to see her father loved her so much to grant her a new pond, which made the land pure.


She suddenly met the amazing man her father had chosen for her and in a ritual of love and approval, her father gave his daughter's hand to this man in a new everlasting love covenant. This man loved her land as his own and granted her authority over his own land as well. 

They knew they were blessed and that they will cultivate the seed of life and be fruitful. No seed will ever be wasted, and no seed will be killed, for the seed is precious and is a gift from heaven.


Happily Ever After is true!

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