The Girl in the Mirror

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Samantha was the precious daughter of a single mother. Her father left when she was only four years old and every time she felt attached to what seemed to her as a paternal figure, they always made it known to her that they were not her father. She grew up thinking that only her mother truly loved her, and deep inside of her she always craved the attention of a man, either from the elders or the young boys around her.


As she grew up into a young lady, she started to find refuge and consolation in alcohol and sexual interactions. Step by step, these methods of coping with the void in her heart were slowly filling it with regrets, depression, and anger. Every time she would have sex with someone, she was seeking true and unconditional love, but she had a great fear that all men would abandon her and would not value her as her father once did. This fear turned into a confusion that was driving her to men who never wanted to have a committed relationship with her. At the same time, she never truly demanded one because in her mind, her body had become a tool to get the affection and the attention from men. She started to be convinced that she was only good at being sexy, flirting and catching the prey, which was getting men into her bed.


Samantha had just turned 30 years old, and that day feeling lonely and hopeless, she went to the restroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She couldn’t stare into her eyes for longer than 30 seconds because she would see all the shame, the regrets and all the failures in her life. She looked down and cried out loud “God! If you exist please help me”


The next day she went to the restroom and looked in the mirror again; this time as she was staring into her eyes, she heard a whisper that said, “I love your eyes. They show kindness and sweetness”. A tear fell and caressed her cheek. She said to herself “how can this be? I am a horrible person”. She started to recall the times she had been a disloyal friend and a liar. Nevertheless, this voice she heard was so powerful, that her heart started to feel an unexplainable love and peace.


The routine started to become a moment she was looking forward to every morning. Something inside of Samantha started to light up; she even felt that same day that her eyes were glowing with a special spark of joy. The next morning she couldn’t wait to go to the mirror; this time she stared into the mirror and she smiled at her reflection. At that moment she heard “I love your smile; your smile warms up every room where you step into”. She got chills and stepped away from the mirror; “what is this voice? And where is it coming from?” she asked herself.


That day she noticed her smile was bigger and more genuine than ever. She couldn’t stop smiling and people even started to tell her that the joy was being contagious and spreading around the office where she worked. She was actually changing the atmosphere where before used to feel cold and boring, now it was full of love and laughter. “I want more of this”, she said.


The following morning she went to the restroom again and with an intense look into her reflection she said “who are you?” Not a second had passed, when she started to have a vision of her from the moment she was born; the saw the tangible presence of God; she was able to see what appeared as the glimpse of a movie of her life, and she noticed He was always there by her side. She started to sob and that is when she heard


I love you my child. You are not an orphan because I am not only your God but I delight in being your true Father, your provider, and the one who loves your soul like no one ever will. Your body is my temple and it has been made clean and pure. Your skin is more precious than gold so don’t let anyone touch it with lust. You are beyond valuable and worthy. You don’t need to beg for anyone’s love because you have all of mine. You are not alone


Her life was transformed from that moment on. She was never the same after she had a love encounter with the One who restores, renews, and loves unconditionally. She understood who she was and walked from that point on, knowing she had a father and knowing how precious she was. She knew she was never and will never be alone. 

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