The Instinct of Motherhood and the Modern Living Blood Sacrifice of Abortions

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Have you ever seen videos of how female animals react when someone approaches their offspring? It does not matter how small they are, they will react in a supernatural defensive way to ensure they protect that innocent life. It is the motherhood instinct to defend that life; so…


What happen to our human motherhood instinct?


I lately have tried to stay away from making comparisons between animals and humans, as this is sometimes a topic that creates confusion and encourages sometimes the wrong identity on people (i.e. a man believing he is an animal and therefore behaving like one). Nevertheless, it is interesting when we can actually observe a more remarkable and admirable behavior in animals than in humans, creating a need to highlight it in order to remind ourselves of


The importance of life.


I have been wanting to write about this for quite sometime, taking that I myself had an abortion during my early 20’s, but unfortunately, it is such a difficult topic, that it is challenging to put all the thoughts together and clearly express them. As I was doing research in the statistics of abortion, it was even painful to click over the links to the websites and see the large numbers of abortions per year. I have tried to avoid all this for so long due to the sad reality that I lived, but that I also know many go through. Nevertheless, I felt the need to research and discuss the topic.


My initial pursue was to understand more about the maternal instinct and the fact that many women have grown to believe that the goal of a career and education has become more important than life; or at least that was one of my reasons to do what I did. Additionally, the fact that in many occasions that woman does not count with the support of the man who impregnated her also creates more insecurity and a need to get rid of the “mistake”. I do wonder sometimes what would I have decided to do if the man I was with would have given me his undivided support and encouraged me to keep the baby… unfortunately he didn’t, and I was 20 years old, away from my family, and thinking that my life was going to be ruined by a child. This is exactly the moment where you wonder, what happened to my maternal instinct? And how could I have sacrificed the life of my child for the pursuing of an education and a career. We can't expect a man to care for that child but


When did it become an inconvenience instead of a blessing?


Abortions are today the living blood sacrifices to what we have come to believe are more important priorities in our lives, or even idols. Unfortunately, every action has a consequence, and the consequence of killing a life, especially our own baby, is a never-ending haunting memory of pain and loss. You can speak to many women who have made this choice and you will find that no matter how much they appear to have the certainty of their choice, they always carry a sense of emptiness in their hearts. I once went to an abortion clinic with two friends to pray for women who were going through this, and every single girl that came out of there, their faces and their eyes reflected sadness and emptiness. You may say it was the anesthesia, but


I know what I am talking about because I was once one of them.


I was reading about female animals protecting their offspring, as I mentioned earlier, and I actually came across the term maternal infanticide, which is when the mothers kill their offspring. Although, this is actually referring to when the offspring is a newborn, just because the term sounds repulsive, the truth is that abortion is maternal infanticide but just during the term of pregnancy. They can sell it as a decision that does not take a life, or how my boyfriend at that time made it clear to me over and over, the truth is that we all know there is life in there, but we have grown in a society that believes it is just another simple option for contraception. Nevertheless, the matters of the heart are so important that we need to understand and have clarity of what the consequences of these decisions do to our lives and our futures.


As I mentioned previously, I was always under the idea that most women who get an abortion is due to the lack of support from the man and/or the desire to complete their education and careers (from my personal experience). After conducting research I found out that, according to Guttmacher Institute, in 2014 nearly half of women who got an abortion were living with a male partner in the month they became pregnant ( According to the research, the 3 most common reasons women gave were:

  • Concern for or responsibility to other individuals
  • The inability to afford raising a child
  • The belief that having a baby would interfere with work, school or the ability to care for dependents.


My theory regarding the support from the man was accurate, according to this same source


Half said they did not want to be a single parent or were having problems with their husband or partner”


You know… God made the woman the bearer of the child for a reason, a purpose even greater than what we can imagine, and we as women need to know that we were born to be the most amazing mothers. If you know people who are going through this or thinking of having an abortion, let’s love on them and offer them our support no matter what the circumstances are. And if you are thinking of getting an abortion, please remember you are the greatest mother, and no matter where you are in life, you will overcome all obstacles because a mother always knows what to do for her child. My single mother raised my sister, and me and her love is until this day supernatural abundant.


Give your baby a chance. 


This message is not to condemn anyone, heck, this is hard even for me to write, but it is an attempt to bring awareness to the priority of the maternal instinct over all other things. Let’s stop sacrificing our children. Like my fellow Latinos always say, where 4 eat, 5 can also eat, meaning there will always be food for one more in the family. But above it all, please let’s remember God provides. He will not give us the blessing of a life and take the provisions away. This is the time to get even closer to Him and believe in His goodness. When I found out that God loved me and forgave me, there was no other choice but for me to also forgive myself and not live in in the bondage of my past any longer. My child would have been 13 years old now, and


I know he/she is in heaven knowing that his mommy was lost and did not know what she was doing.


I also, through this message, want to encourage women to give themselves, body mind and soul, to only the man who is committed to them in a monogamous relationship. A good man that loves you and cares for you will never abandon you or forsake the life that grows within you for the sake of other priorities. A man that supports you, as the woman he loves, he will ensure not only to be the best father but to also be present for you. Don’t settle for less and remember you are in charge of your body. Don’t give it away to anyone.


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