The Past Has Passed

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The past can be made up of some beautiful memories that may be difficult to let go of. 

We can sometimes fall captives of these memories and find ourselves unable to be happy with what we have today because there is a continuous comparison of what is today vs. what it was in the past. The past has passed and we need to move on. 
There are two scenarios where we should be aware that memories from the past may be harming us instead of bringing us happiness:

1. Memories of how amazing life was before compared to what it is today keep on arising and certain choices that seem to be mistakes start becoming burdens that don't let us move forward. 
2. Memories of previous lovers or relationships that start to creep into our minds and confuse us with the "what if" [what if i had acted differently, what if i had let him treat me like that, what if i contact him again, what if i compromised more things....etc]

These are not healthy thoughts. It is important for us to walk life with a heart full of thanksgivings where no matter what happened then, today, our lives are beautiful. For some reason that only God knows, those things or people are part of our pasts and no longer are part of our present.
Seasons are beautiful and we must enjoy each one of them accordingly. We need to start enjoying the present to the fullest; do not miss any of the many wonders God continuously wants you to be part of! Do not the let the past hold you back from greatness. 

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