Blessed- Bracelet Vintage Gold

  • $39.50

The Message:

Did you know that you have command over the armies of angels?


In your tongue you hold the power of life; you hold the power to dictate and influence atmospheres around you with love and peace.


The wings of the angels in the Blessed Charm represent the supernatural favor that covers your life in every single aspect of it.

Each feather of the wings represents the blessings spoken over your life, reminding you that they are countless.


This charm is a reminder that any words of discouragement in your life that ever said that you were not worthy or that you are not “lucky”, have been destroyed NOW.


Let this be the day that you are reminded that you are a supernatural blessed child of God. You were born with victory running through your veins and wherever you go, there is fortune and abundance marking the path.

We say no to the lies of disqualification, and we say YES to the truth that you are magnificent, intelligent and always qualified.


You are not lucky, you are BLESSED!


The Product:

- Material: Gold plated bronze 

- Charm Dimension: 0.6"x 0.6"

- Bracelet: One Size 


Note: Our jewelry is custom made in Colombia, and it is specially created for our customers. If the product you want is currently out of stock, please email us and we will place your in the waiting list for our next order coming our way. We will make sure you get your desired charm.