The Message

Find the message that speaks to your heart! 

if you see a message for someone you love make sure to share with them and bliss their hearts!

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Our BE-LOVED design was created to remind you that you are beloved just the way you are. That your heart is enclosed within a mantle of unconditional love always. Be reminded that no matter what happened yesterday, or what the world around you says or does, you are God's beloved and will always be loved. 



Dreams are Passion

The Dreams are Passion design was created to encourage you always to follow your dreams. With the passion that lives in your heart no dream will ever escape from your hands. You were destined to fly with the wind and go higher and higher, reaching the sky!

And may everyone who sees this message also realize they are one step away from their dreams!



The Fearless design was created to be a mighty reminder that you are a warrior who defeats any fear that comes in your life or anyone else’s. There is no obstacle that can come across you and your dreams. There is no fear that can invade what is already beautiful and strong; your heart.

And may everyone who sees this shirt also be encouraged of how fearless they are!          


Infused with Bliss

Our "Infused with Bliss" design is a reminder that what surrounds you does not determine your level of joy or happiness. You, my dear, are abundantly infused with pure and supernatural bliss; it is your natural aroma. Whenever there are times in your life that the world around seems gray, may this message lift your spirit up encouraging you to always be aware of your sweet blissful aroma. No depression or sadness can co-exist near you because the bliss in you overcomes it all!


Let Love Transform You

Our Let Love Transform You design was created to be a sweet reminder that nothing in life can feed your heart like true Love does. Only God’s love takes your heart in a journey of identity and self-love.

True Love heals, True Love restores, True Love renews, and True Love brings hope. You don’t have to do it on your own efforts.

And may all who see this message also be encouraged to open their hearts to true Love!   



Love is Who You Are

Our Love is Who You Are design came from a desire to remind you that the strongest source of love lives within you. Your heart contains unlimited love and it all starts from a place of self-love. The fountain of love is who you are and you are a reflection of compassion, joy, peace, patience and Love. That is who you are.

And may everyone who sees this message also realize they are pure love!


 New Heart


Our NewHeart design was created to light up your day and be a reminder that your heart may have been broken once but now it is brand NEW. The "not so cool" memories of the past have been vanished away and made room for those beautiful ones that will come ahead; those ones full of restoration and love. You deserve a second chance! and this time, it will be with the person who will take care of your heart as the precious gem that it is.    





Our Royalty design was created to be a statement for your heart of the Royal DNA you carry. It is deeper than your skin! You are beautiful and graceful; without a shadow of a doubt, you are a QUEEN. Let this be a reminder that because of this reality, begging for love or affection is not your identity. You are royalty and therefore you deserve to be treated with love, respect and honor.

May everyone around you who see this message also be encouraged to walk in the royal DNA reality!



Simply D’vine

Our Simply D'Vine design was created to be a reminder that you are beautiful. That in the simplicity of who you are, your body, your smile, your hair, and all of who you are is more divine than ever! NO make up or clothing or anything can make you more divine than what already are.



You are Unique

"You are Unique-Can't compare what's awesome" In your finger you carry one of the strongest proof that you have been uniquely created and designed. There is no one out there that could ever be compared or come close to being who you are.

And in the same way, you should never compare yourself to others, as their hearts are different to yours and we all are majestic in our own way. This design was created to encourage a revolutionary movement in people's hearts and society in general to DEFEAT comparison and envy between human beings, especially women! And to remind you and everyone around that there is no point in comparing something that is unique.          



You are Fashion

The “You are Fashion” design was created to highlight the fact that without any clothing, make-up or any other thing, you are already a fashion statement. Take a minute to think about the perfection of the skin that clothes you; the perfection of how your body functions; the perfection of every single cell in your body. You are Fashion! And it is not for sale! Because your body is such a precious- priceless gem, that it should never be given to anyone who doesn't treat it as such. Every single part of you is the most beautiful piece of fashion that has ever been designed. Only God could have created such a flawless fashion.


Latin Spice     


Nuestro diseño de Hermosa es exactamente lo que el nombre dice. Un recordatoria que muchas mujeres necesitamos día a día y que realmente hace una diferencia en nuestro corazón. Nadie se compara con tu belleza y eso mi querida amiga, te hace hermosa; como una flor que nunca podrá ser imitada ni reemplazada.

Y este producto también será un recordatorio para todo aquel que pase por tu lado y vea este mensaje.    


 Simplemente D’vina

Nuestro diseño de Simplemente D’vina fue creado para ser un recordatorio de lo hermosa que eres. Que en la simplicidad de quien tu eres, tu cuerpo, tu sonrisa, tu cabello, y tu completa eres mas divina que nunca! Ni el maquillaje, ni la ropa, ni nada te puede hacer mas divina de lo que ya eres.

Y este producto también será un recordatorio para todo aquel que pase por tu lado y vea este mensaje.