Royalty Vintage Gold Necklace

Thank you for inspiring me to see myself in greater light

“Your business is amazing, it is truly inspiring. I was always so ashamed to see myself as anyone important let alone royalty. At one point I felt like God really wanted me to see myself as the daughter of a King and claim it. But I was so concerned with being seen as conceited or possibly being told that "you're not all that". When I went to your launching party, I got the gold Royalty necklace because I figured it would challenge me to change how I view myself and the message that came along with it was Amazing & EMPOWERING; I needed to claim the truth of it; so my thoughts while choosing was "if I buy this then I have to live like it, I have to see myself in that light, because wearing it, Is pretty much saying yes I am royal, I am wearing a crown, yes I dare think of myself as royalty" almost like a public declaration of who I claim to be. So it was pretty much a challenge to think of myself as a queen. The first few times of me wearing it, I of course had to get through the thoughts of "who do you think you are, wearing a crown around your neck" but God's word is clear that I am His child, I am His daughter. He is God, He is king, He is above all and I am seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. So I would think on these things and over time it all became affirmations. I am indeed the daughter of a King! I am the daughter of the all-powerful, majestic, only living God! And He delights in me.

Thank you for inspiring me to see myself in greater light. The queen in me has a lot more rising up to do but I have no doubt that God will continue to order my steps and build me up to be all that He's called me to be.” Betty



Transformation Vintage Gold necklace

I did not expect to be wrecked by a piece of jewelry

“Coming home from the party with this necklace, I didn’t know what was about to hit me. Out of the six designs, I was drawn to the “Transformation” charm relatively quickly, as it reminded me of what God has done in transforming me so far. It also reminded me how my pastors in church have preached that God is about heart transformation, not behavior modification.

But then I read the card about the significance of the “Transformation” charm and started crying at this sentence: “even in those moments where you feel stuck and not going anywhere like the stage of the pupa in the life cycle of the butterfly, the truth is that all things are working always on your behalf even when you may not see them”. God was reminding me that I am not stuck, but transforming (still).

Sometimes one goes through seasons that make one want to cry more than one wants, or leaves one wondering if breakthrough had gone into the abyss or is avoiding one like some plague. But there is beauty in both the process and result of transformation with all the waiting that goes with it. Life is to be lived now, not later when circumstances change and things “get better”.

Truth be told, I did not expect to be wrecked by a piece of jewelry. But it did (or God’s use of it did) wreck me, in a good way. Little did I know that God would touch me through a necklace and make me cry a bunch of soul-refreshing tears. I know the owner of this new business as a friend and sister in Christ, and seeing her dream come true with her business is so sweet” Helen


Open Heart Vintage Gold Necklace and Ring 

"I love the jewelry I received in the mail from my friend Vanessa at NewHeartBliss. It’s one thing to buy jewelry, it’s another when you know the heart of the designer to see people transformed" Ashley


Fearless T-shirt

Love it!

“The color I ordered is Hot Pink...wow is it ever beautiful. The size is great, the material is comfy. I haven't washed it yet so cannot comment on that. Otherwise overall "Love It" Mary


The message is perfect!  

“I love my I Am Fearless t-shirt!  As a fashion coach I am always telling my clients to choose faith instead of fear. I even have a FB group called the Fearless Fashionpreneur and so this shirt and the message is perfect!  Fear is so crippling and paralyzing and more people would be happier and able to use their God-given gifts better if they didn’t have so much fear. So if you are in need a little reminder to stop the fear, this shirt is perfect! Get yours now.” Christine




Simply D’Vine Mug 

The perfect gift!

"This was the perfect gift for a sweet friend of mine, she was so touched! A great reminder while drinking your daily coffee!" Kayon 


It makes me feel D’vine!

"I enjoy having my coffee morning in this cup. It makes me feel d'ivine the whole day and inspire to star my writings. Five starts mug!!!" Gloria