Fruits of the Heart-Vintage Gold

  • $52.00

Our “Fruits of the Heart” charms were created to remind us that we are a healthy and strong tree and from within our heart we produce good and loving fruit. Wherever we walk, wherever we step foot in, we spread the message of hope and joy.

Bliss-If you chose the word Bliss, the fruit that you are reflecting to the world is the bliss of life. Bliss means the ecstasy of salvation, and you are the beautiful living proof of the joy there is in life knowing that you are loved beyond measure by our God. This charm is a reminder that your heart is full of supernatural joy. Sadness and depression are not welcome in your dancing floor! You only welcome the angels and the joy of God which is your constant strength. You are Bliss.

Beautiful-If you chose the word beautiful, the fruit that you are reflecting to the world is the beauty that you carry, not only inside but, the marvelous and majestic creation that God did when he created you. It is a reminder of the perfection and divine masterpiece that you are. Remember, God doesn’t make mistakes and He delights always in who you are. Your confidence on this reality is reflected to all of those around you and will also remind them of how beautiful they are. You are beautiful.



Gold Plated Bronze