Open Heart Vintage Gold (Large)

  • $38.00

The Message:

This charm represents a hopeful heart. A heart that defies the past,

a hear that’s excited for the present and a heart that believes in a bright future.


An open heart helps you forgive and overcomes painful memories.

An open heart invites healing in and spreads peace all around.

An open heart vanishes all grudges and anguishes.

An open heart eliminates excuses and focuses on victories.

An open heart is joyful and appreciates the little things.

An open heart encourages you to receive and give compliments.

An open heart honors, respects and is compassionate.

An open heart is alert and does not make the same mistakes twice.

An open heart knows its true value and won't allow you to be stepped on.

An open heart is wise and righteous.


An open heart...simply changes your life, and you have the biggest heart of them ALL.


The Product:

- Material: Gold plated bronze

- Charm Dimension: 1.5”x1.5”

- Necklace Dimension: 24" (may vary from picture depending on inventory available)