Hope- Bracelet Vintage Gold

  • $39.50

The Message:

The shooting star represents a cosmic event that sometimes triggers us to wonder about the immeasurable size of the universe that surrounds us.

How is it possible that a tiny star crosses the cosmos and still manages to shine in the dark with such bright light?

In a beautiful way this event and this charm is a representation of the hope that lives in your heart and that encourages you to keep on pursuing after your dreams. This is a reminder of the big promises in your heart, that no matter how impossible they may seem, they will without a doubt, come true. This is a reminder that no matter how dark things may get around you, you will always shine bright and overcome it all.

Hope lives inside of you, because you my dear,

You are the brightest shooting star in the universe!


The Product:

- Material: Gold plated bronze

- Charm Dimension: 0.6"x 0.6"

- Bracelet: One Size

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