Purity- Necklace Vintage Gold

  • $32.00

The Message:

The lily represents the purity of your heart, body, mind and soul. A flower that is feminine, delicate, and simple, but yet it has been the inspiration for romance, beauty and innocence for thousands of years.

It sounds like you already, doesn’t it?


This charm is a reminder that you are loved and that you are a

masterpiece, beautiful and graceful just the way you are.

A reminder of how divine you have been created by God.

You are an inspiration and no diamond or gem in the entire

existence can compare to the value that you have.

Your body is as delicate as a flower.


As a lily receives nurture and life from water and sunlight, your heart, body, mind and soul are filled by the touch of only one who truly

appreciates you as the precious woman that you were created to be.


Be also reminded that there is no shame true love cannot overcome.

You are spotless.  

-You are the reflection of true Beauty.... of true Purity-



The Product:

- Material: Gold plated bronze

- Charm Dimension: 0.6"x 0.6"

- Necklace Dimension: 20" (may vary from picture depending on inventory available)

Note: Our jewelry is custom made in Colombia, and it is specially created for our customers. If the product you want is currently out of stock, please email us and we will place your in the waiting list for our next order coming our way. We will make sure you get your desired charm.

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