Round Charm

  • $28.00


Bliss represents a supernatural state of JOY. This is a reminder that your life is constantly surrounded by magical events of love even when you may not see them in the natural. Blessings cover your path every step you take and when you wear this charm, remember that your smile is a mighty weapon against all negativity and adversity.

Welcome Bliss into your life and be the joyful soul you were born to be!



You were created by Love. This charm is a reminder that it doesn’t matter where you come from or your past, you are a loving miracle created beautifully. You are loved beyond measure and your natural purpose for existing is to receive the love that God has for you.  Imagine yourself surrounded by thousands of colorful hearts. They each represent a blessing for every part of your life. Remember Love flows from our hearts, but we start by loving ourselves in order to love others. First, be a good receiver of God’s love and then be the greatest giver.