Royalty- Necklace Vintage Gold

  • $32.00

The Message:

This is the day of your coronation.

A beautiful woman walking into her righteous calling in life to be the QUEEN she was born to be.


The blue gem in this charm represents the royal blood that flows through your veins. The crown represents the favor of passion and success that covers your life from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.

The vine inside the crown represents your place as a royal

inheritor of financial blessings and of the fruit that gives life; Love.


You were created for greatness and prosperity, and you were given a beautiful humble royal heart. There is no mountain high enough for you to conquer. The grace and wisdom that live in you are your weapons to defeat any lie of not being qualified.

You are a natural born leader.


Let this be a declaration that victory that lives in you and that you are unstoppable in the glorious destiny ahead of you.


The Product:

- Material: Gold plated bronze

- Charm Dimension: 0.6"x 0.6"

- Necklace Dimension: 20" (may vary from picture depending on inventory available)

Note: Our jewelry is custom made in Colombia, and it is specially created for our customers. If the product you want is currently out of stock, please email us and we will place your in the waiting list for our next order coming our way. We will make sure you get your desired charm.