Transformation- Bracelet Vintage Gold

  • $39.50

The Message:

The butterfly represents the supernatural process of transformation. A

process that signifies success, beauty and admirable grace.

This charm represents 3 stages:

1) It is a reminder that even in those moments where you feel stuck and not going anywhere like the stage of the PUPA in the lifecycle of the butterfly, the truth is that all things are working always on your behalf even when you may not see them. Inside the pupa, the larva is not resting, but it is going through the process of acquiring all the tools and resources to succeed, and so are you.

2) As the butterfly at one point was walking as a Larva, she later got her wings and was able to fly. This charm is a reminder that it is time to FLY, to be free and to breath peace into your heart. What it was before it is no longer, and you are a new creature full of freedom and love.

3) Do not get stuck in the pupa. Seasons happen for a reason but we must keep on moving on. You need to let go of what ever was keeping you attached to that old phase in order to let your wings be wide open and fly high and above as you are destined to.

May this charm be a reminder of your own transformation, and that you are beautiful, powerful, graceful and amazing.  


The Product:

- Material: Gold plated brinze

- Charm Dimension: 0.6"x 0.6"

- Bracelet: one size

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