Winner's Heart Vintage Gold Ring

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The Message:

From one side you see a heart and from the other you see the the W for Winner.

A reminder of the blessings that have been spoken over your life and that are coming this year.

The Winner Heart is a reminder of the strength and courage that live inside of your heart.

The winner heart does not loose even when it doesn’t come in first place or when it makes a mistake.

The winner heart confidently tries again and never gives up.

The winner heart is adventurous and no fear will ever stop it from following its dreams.

The winner heart is wise and honors everyone around, helping others to grow and learning throughout the journey.

A winner heart does not go by what people say or think, but by what God has created it to be... a victorious and successful one!


It is time to Arise and Shine with your winner heart!



Material: Gold plated bronze

Size: Adjustable